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Automotive Repair is a constant in Amarillo, Texas

At Arenas Auto Repair, we focus on providing you with quality services at competitive and fair prices. We take pride in treating our customers equally and working with them to understand their individual situations to get to the root cause of the problem. Our goal is to get our customers back on the road in a timely manner, while ensuring we resolve your automotive repair needs completely. Equal treatment and fair pricing is a priority for all clients at our shop. In the automotive repair industry and business, respect and quality customer service is at the heart of everything we do. At Arenas Auto Repair, we take time to assess your vehicle, as well as to listen to your concerns, in order to get a deeper sense of potential problems. We will go the extra mile, beyond technical repairs, to make sure you leave our shop confident in our services and happy with your vehicle.

Regular repairs keep your vehicle running smooth.

All mechanics and technicians at Arenas Auto Repair are Amarillo locals who have received extensive automotive repair training, ensuring that everyone who interacts with your vehicle has the in-depth knowledge to help with almost every situation that could arise with your vehicle. You can ask any employee about anything regarding your vehicle, with the assurance that you will receive a correct answer. We pride ourselves as lifelong learners who investing in continually growing and improving our skills, as well as always seeking to find the newest and most effective methods to fill your automotive repair needs.

Arenas Auto is here for all your Auto Repair needs.

Our commitment to values such as respect, exemplary customer service, and customer-centered communication ensures that your customer experience will be a positive one. We take time to understand the problem, and offer explanations that make sense to you, so that you can understand both the problem as well as potential solutions, without technical mechanic jargon. Another priority of Arenas Auto Repair is automotive repair at your convenience. We will work adamantly to serve the immediate problem presented, on your schedule, while also taking time to schedule follow up services down the road to make certain your car gets the love and attention it deserves.  We believe automotive repair is just as much about giving our customers the peace of mind they deserve when driving as it is about fixing the mechanical problem.